Exterior Balcony Waterproofing

balcony waterproofing

Project Description:

Waterproofing an exterior balcony is essential to ensure that it remains functional and visually appealing for years to come. In this project, our team of experts worked closely with the homeowners to develop a comprehensive waterproofing solution that would protect the balcony from water damage and provide a durable surface for the exterior tile flooring.

Our team utilized the latest tools and techniques to apply a high-quality waterproofing solution over the plywood substrate, taking extra care to ensure that all seams and joints were properly sealed to prevent water infiltration. We also worked closely with the homeowners to ensure that the finished patio met their design preferences and specifications.

The result is a stunning and highly functional exterior balcony that will provide years of use and enjoyment for homeowners. Our team takes great pride in the quality of our work and is dedicated to providing top-notch waterproofing services to our residential clients.