We offer complete residential roofing solutions for property owners, whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs. We understand the challenges of owning a residential property and we can provide a hassle-free solution that includes regular inspections, fast repairs, and preventive maintenance.

Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle projects of any size quickly and efficiently.

Services Offered

Scheduled Roof Maintenance

We offer comprehensive maintenance programs for various residential roofing systems, designed to extend their lifespan. Our team of experienced technicians conducts thorough inspections to identify any potential issues and promptly repair them. Moreover, we provide preventive treatments to prevent future damage.

Enrolling in our maintenance programs ensures that your roof stays in top-notch condition and saves you money in the long run.

Regular Roof Inspections

At R&R Pro Roofing, we understand the importance of regular roof inspections to keep your residential property in excellent condition. Our team of skilled professionals conducts comprehensive inspections, carefully examining your roof for signs of wear and tear, damage, and vulnerability.

If any issues are identified, we will work with you to develop a repair or replacement plan tailored to your specific needs and budget.


We specialize in top-quality residential reroofing services and our team of skilled experts has years of experience in this field. We only use premium materials to ensure a long-lasting and durable roof that meets your specific needs and budget.

Our comprehensive reroofing process involves the removal of the old roof and installation of the new one, adhering to strict safety protocols. We also inspect and repair the underlying structure to ensure that the new roof is stable and secure.

Residential Roof
  • Reroofs

  • Roof Repairs

  • Waterproofing Below Grade

  • Waterproofing Decks

  • Waterproofing Exterior Walkways and Stairs

  • Waterproofing Exterior Planters

  • Sidings

  • Facia Boards

  • Chimney Exterior Upgrades/Repairs

  • HVAC Platforms Rebuilds

Satisfaction Guarantee

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We have experience in dealing with roofs of all types, sizes, shapes, and ages. Our goal is to provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your roofing needs.

Our team of experts is skilled in assessing your roof system, regardless of its style or construction materials, and can provide reliable recommendations on whether to repair or replace your roof.

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We never use your data for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your initial request.

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